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Communication and Control - Industry Equals - Plenum



Tinned copper conductors, FEP insulation, short overall twist lengths, Filler as required, Shielded tape with drain wire, White Plenum jacket.


  • Security Systems
  • Intercom Systems
  • Sound/Audio Systems
  • Power-Limited Controls
ADC Part Number Description Download PDF
22 AWG
7-2202T 22/2 Equal to Belden 88442
7-92202T 22/2 Equal to Belden 82442
7-2202TSD 22/2 Equal to Belden 88761
7-92202TSD 22/2 Equal to Belden 82761
7-2202TSP 22/2 Pair Equal to Belden 88723
7-92202TSP 22/2 Pair Equal to Belden 82723
7-2203TSP 22/3 Pair Equal to Belden 88777
7-92203TSP 22/3 Pair Equal to Belden 82777
7-9222 22/4 Pair Equal to Belden 89855
18 AWG
7-1802T 18/2 Equal to Belden 89740
7-91802T 18/2 Equal to Belden 82740
7-1802TSD 18/2 Equal to Belden 88760
7-91802TSD 18/2 Equal to Belden 82760
These specifications are subject to change at anytime without notice.

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